Just a Standard Run

Just a Standard Run

“Just a Standard Run?!?” you might ask yourself, “that doesn’t sound like Up a Creek to me." You know what, you're right! Nothing is very standard with Uncle Ron and The Puppy. The guys at Standard Tire in Perry know that too; well, at least they are about to find out. On August 4th, we will once again make our float from the Seward boat ramp in Topeka to the Rising Sun boat ramp in Lecompton. The last run on the 16th was quite a success with only one of our party succumbing to the power of the Kaw (aka too much Old Milwaukee’s Best -- we knew that stuff wasn’t good for ya)! Check out the pics in the photo album called 2007, “The Bald Eagle Run”.

This run is about 11 miles so there is a need to pack your provisions well. We are planning on leaving the Rising Sun boat ramp in Perry around 9:00 a.m. and caravaning to the Seward boat ramp. The entire float should last about 7 hours. The temperature for the day is supposed to be in the mid-90s and sunny, so bring some sun screen and hats. Pack food and drinks for the day. Drinking water is an essential! The river level is continuing to drop, so we will be finding more sandbars which could mean the possibility of pulling canoes to the deeper spots in the Kaw.

Space is limited as the Standard Tire folks already have 11 going. If you are interested joining, it will be fist come first serve, so let us know asap. If you have any questions, please contact us by email or by calling Uncle Ron at 597-5730 or The Puppy at 785-840-4204.

“If Ya have a Bad Time…It’s Your Own Fault”

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