A Little Therapy...Up a Creek Style!

A Little Therapy...Up a Creek Style!

Uncle Ron and The Puppy are all about good vibes and positive energy. We truly feel this comes from some principles that were set forth in the Up a Creek Constitution. Two important fundamentals are that we are about having FUN and that if you have a bad time it is truly your own fault. Being compassionate souls, we understand that sometimes folks have a hard time finding that special place and that there is a need for some “therapy”. That stated, the folks at Lawrence Therapy Works are in need of just that. After all of the therapy that they give, it only makes sense that they need some in return. You know, that kind of therapy that only a day on the Kaw can bring. Nature’s sun shining down on you and her cool waters underneath, add in a gift from the gods: “Coronas and limes”. Top it of with some canoes and kayaks to gently float away your problems and before you know it you have been therapized, Up a Creek style.

Space is limited on this run as we have 11 folks already in need of the special care that we are renowned for providing. If you plan on attending, it is first come, first serve. We are meeting at Uncle Ron’s in Perry between 12:30 and 1:00 on Saturday the 21st. We are putting in at Jay’s Spot, which is a 6 mile float back to Perry. Lots of fluids are important on this run … drinking water as well and the water, barley and hops kind. You’ll need some snacks for energy. Let’s not forget the sunscreen … we are starting out later in the day and the sun is forecasted to be out in force.

If you have any questions …you can contact us by e-mail or by phone: The Puppy at 785-840-4204 or Uncle Ron at 785-597-5730.

”If You have a Bad Time…It's your Own Fault!”

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