The "Bald Eagle" Run

The "Bald Eagle" Run

Lecompton Kansas was founded in 1854 and platted on a bluff on the south bank of the Kansas River. It was originally called "Bald Eagle," but then later changed to Lecompton in honor of Samuel D. Lecompte, the chief justice of the territorial Supreme Court. In 1855, the town became the permanent and only official capital of the Kansas Territory. In Honor of Lecompton, Territorial Days, the 4th of July and just because we needed an interesting name for another name for a float, we invite you to another Up a Creek Guide Serivce canoeing adventure on July 7th.

“The Long Run” adventure was rained out by Mother Nature. So we will once again try to make our float from the Seward boat ramp in Topeka to the Rising Sun boat ramp in Lecompton. The run is about 11 miles so there is a need to pack your provisions well. We are planning on leaving the Rising Sun boat ramp in Perry around 9:00 a.m. and caravanning to the Seward boat ramp. The entire float should last about 7 hrs.

The temperature for the day is supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny so bring some sun screen and hats if necessary. Pack food and drinks for the day. Drink water is an essential! The river is up so the float should be easy and as an added bonus the sandbars are back so you can look forward to the rest stops and rock hunting.

This float will be labeled with a Mature Rating, the last time Uncle Ron and I didn’t have any kiddos along things got a little…well…very inebriated. Kind of interesting what corona’s with limes, gin and a flask of brandy can do to a bunch of law abiding citizens. I guess things haven’t changed that much from 1854 to the present. So come along and enjoy a day on the Kaw.

If you would like to join us please contact us by email or by calling Uncle Ron at 597-5730 or The Puppy at 785-840-4204.

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